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This project is part of the EXPERIMENTAL PROJECTS MENTORSHIP 2022-2023 course offered by Agora School of Experimentation founded by the creators of the EXPERIMENTAL PHOTO FESTIVAL in Barcelona, and will be punctuated by a collective exhibition at the festival in July 2023. 



A few years ago, my art teacher gave me a box and said, “Photography is your medium.. One day you will do something with it".

In the box, 188 positives on transparencies. Portraits of strangers, probably dating from the 50s to the 90s, taken by an unknown photographer, and given to her by a stranger.

188 pairs of eyes I would have liked to talk to. And you ? What about yours stories ? What was your deliquescence ? Did a faith, or at least a hope, help you ? Are these photographs the only trace left of you ?

The degradation of the body is tangible, we can touch it. This I know intimately... It is a movement, a low process, and a result, that we can feel with all our senses.

The representation of this deliquescence brings me to experiment the medium, mixed with others materials, to explore the materiality of photography.

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